Body Wardrobe & Style Review

“The Beginning of your Journey to a new level of confidence and flair.” We will discuss in depth your personality, lifestyle, fashion struggles and needs, and a vision for where you’d like to see yourself and what that new you would feel like! Learn more

Wardrobe Clutter Control

Letting go of old looks, shedding old layers that no longer suit you and making room for exciting new possibilities. This session is full of surprises. Learn more

Going through this process has given me the boost I needed to accomplish my goals! Thank you Amanda!

Personal Shopping

Time to go shopping! Whether it’s for a full wardrobe or an outfit for an event, we research and seek out the appropriate stores and show you pieces that work for you. Learn more

Outfit Building

This is where it gets really exciting! This service includes examining your existing or newly built wardrobe and showing you the versatility of your clothing. We will create tons of new looks, making it easier to get ready in the mornings, no more guesswork! Learn more


The Process

This is how the process begins

1. Contact us for your free telephone consultation

2. Schedule the first consultation; Body, Wardrobe & Style Review

3. After the Body, Wardrobe & Style Review we will clearly understand your style dilemmas and will put together a personalized plan that will target your issues.

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