The Fashionista behind it all…

Amanda, president of Styled Silhouettes helps women unleash their true selves by creating a style that wows. She shows women the power of clothing while transforming their closets into flattering wardrobes.
A 10 year veteran of the fashion industry, Amanda has held roles from Fashion Magazine Editor to Celebrity Stylist for photo shoots, TV & Music Videos. Styled silhouettes started because Amanda wanted to make more of an impact using fashion and was tired of the superficial elements attached to that part of the industry.

With her amazing gift of getting women to see their best selves and using clothing as the tool to unlock confidence, she is quoted as THE fashion guru for women.She has appeared on numerous TV shows such as Global TV’s The Morning Show, Daytime Toronto and Today’s Talk sharing fashion & style tips and is continuing to change women’s lives one closet at a time!

Amanda believes Style can be a symptom to how somebody actually feels about themselves. Using that as the surface, you can change the way somebody feels because you can change what they see.

Amanda’s Motto is..

‘Look Better to Feel Better to DO Better’


Why Hire a Stylist

Women seek out an Image Consultant for different reasons, but all have something in common; the need for a change. Wanting change is triggered by either an emotional, internal or external event and begins after a thought out process.You may be going through a divorce, career change, post baby, mid life reinvention, weight loss or weight gain, the list goes on and on. Hiring a image consultant or having your own personal stylist is an exciting investment in your self and you are worth it. Modernizing, changing or refreshing your look is the first step in reaching your goal. Let me help show you the power of clothing and how it can change your life.

Why Amanda


  1. Builds your confidence and supports you through your entire style transformation
  2. Helps you create a versatile wardrobe
  3. Teaches you how to dress for your body shape, saving you costly mistakes
  4. Saves you time and frustration because you will know what works for you

Picture a trusted friend, a favourite shopping buddy and a sought-after style expert all in one person – it doesn’t get any better than that!

What you Can Expect

I’ve seen this thrilling transformation over and over again. As we work together to develop a style and wardrobe you love, you’ll look and feel younger, you’ll feel confident and empowered and ready to go after your dreams. And that’s not all! Everyday clients tell me that they are shocked by how much better they are treated.

Here’s what you can expect.

  • You’ll receive compliments on how good you look
  • People will ask if you’ve lost weight
  • People will start “checking you out”

Because you feel beautiful and are looking your best, you will be treated better everywhere you go. You’ll be taken more seriously . You’ll be treated like a ‘somebody’.

Before working with Amanda, I was easily overwhelmed and discouraged when shopping for clothes. I didn’t feel confident or cute in anything I owned, but wasn’t sure how to take the next step and find a style that was joyful and expressive. With Amanda’s encouragement, I started to envision a beautiful new image, and her expertise made it easy to find stores and choose outfits that were not just appropriate, but gorgeous and inspiring.

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