Thank you so much for everything you’ve helped me with so far as my ‘style’ is concerned and much more. Your kind heart and lovely way you dealt with my emotions through it all was greatly appreciated. You are so talented Amanda in what you do. I wish you much success with your business. This is not goodbye as I feel there will be a need for your services and great company from time to time.

Bunny, 70+, Retired Traveller

Look no farther… Amanda Ileleji is a stylist that you have to get in touch with. From the moment we met, I knew this was going to be a fantastic experience and that it was. Don’t get me wrong, there are intense emotions flowing through the process, especially during the purging stage. But Amanda had what was best for my look and style in the forefront of her mind at all times. She knew what would look best on me and gently led me in that direction. The initial phone conversation set the groundwork for what I envisioned happening and then Amanda took the reigns from there. I am a self-proclaimed bargain hunter and by the end of our shopping day I saw the ‘value’ in investing in statement pieces that would definitely enhance my wardrobe in the years to come. She kept my spending on track and stuck to my budget.  I really liked how Amanda approached each session with a plan of attack. She is punctual and our personalities meshed right from our first “hello”! As an added bonus, I no longer stare longingly at my closet uttering “I have nothing to wear”. My ‘Look Book’ is a springboard in the mornings to help get my creative juices flowing. Thanks to Amanda, I have confidence when I walk into a room and let my clothes do the talkin!

Julie, 28, Elementary School Teacher


Amanda! Thank you SO MUCH! I have to confess, throughout I was rather skeptical as to why I’d need a stylist – I know how to pick out dresses that look good on me, I have strong ideas about what I want. But after our shopping trip, I now realize I would have been LOST without you. You pulled out clothes and accessories that I would never have considered, but which were totally perfect. I’m now going to my photo-shoot feeling about 4000 times more confident that I would have before we worked together.Thank you!!
Marsha Shandur, CEO & Founder, Yes Yes Marsha
Before working with Amanda, I was easily overwhelmed and discouraged when shopping for clothes. I didn’t feel confident or cute in anything I owned, but wasn’t sure how to take the next step and find a style that was joyful and expressive. With Amanda’s encouragement, I started to envision a beautiful new image, and her expertise made it easy to find stores and choose outfits that were not just appropriate, but gorgeous and inspiring.
Now I have clothes that bring a smile to my face when I get dressed in the morning. I’ve been more motivated to stay in shape so I can look my best in the clothes that I choose, and I feel that my clothes tell a compelling story about who I am.
Amelia, 36, Social Work/ Psychology

Thank God I found Amanda! I found her website online and she responded right away. She came to my home, went through my entire wardrobe and helped me to make sense of my own clothes. She helped me to match my outfits, get rid of clothes I didn’t need and looked horrible, tailor outfits that didn’t fit well, but had potential and helped me to see my clothing in a new light.We then went shopping and she was organized, professional, prepared and very focused on the task of filling in the missing gaps within my wardrobe. She really is amazing and if you’re looking to revamp your look but just can’t quite get out of your own style rut, Amanda’s the answer! She will help you and do it within your budget!! Thank you Amanda!”

Julie, 39, Real Estate Agent

Amanda is an absolute gem. I am so glad that I found her! After working together I feel like I can walk into any clothing store with purpose, as I now know what works for me. Amanda made me immediately comfortable and she helped me to feel good about my shape and understand how to make clothes and accessories flatter my body type and complexion. Every woman should take the opportunity to do this.’

Lisa, 35, Nurse/Therapist

‘It is amazing how attached I had become with my clothes. The thought of getting rid of the three closets full of items I had spent years collecting was terrifying. After going through each item one by one with Amanda, I had realized I had wasted a lot of money on clothing I had worn once and which did not fit me properly. Now I know about the colours that suit my skin tone and the styles of clothing that best suit my body type. I really wanted to look great for an event I had coming up. Amanda took my preferences, age, budget and my intentions for the event into consideration. She took me to stores she felt would have the special outfit I had spent weeks trying to find. Needless to say, I ended up with a fantastic dress. I received many compliments on it and have worn that dress on many occasions. This process has built up my confidence and save my money. I am grateful for the expertise she has provided me and look forward to utilizing her skills again!”

Brianne, 33, Police Services

Amanda really knows what she is talking about!
I was always buying odds and ends not really able to put an outfit together. My casual, sporty lifestyle made me uncertain how to dress. I wanted to look smart but casual and age appropriate. I was locked in indecision!After going through my wardrobe and a fun shopping trip with Amanda, I now have a better idea which styles and colours work best for me.
I am willing to experiment and try things I would not have looked at before, making it more fun and definitely opening my eyes to shopping with a purpose.Amanda has a non judgmental,caring manner and takes her job seriously. I highly recommend her services to anyone.”

Sally Ann, 63, Sport Coach

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